A love letter to music…

Hi there.

It’s another bloody music site. I know, I know. “Are you trying to be another Pitchfork?”

Not exactly, no! This will be a hub for music that inspires and supports. We need inspiration and support more than ever right now, and this will be a home for those feelings. Music finds itself being inspirational, supportive, and a friend in time of need. Somehow, it knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Magic, isn’t it?

I’m asking you to listen up, because there’s artists out there that may become your first dance, your last dance, your meditative solo walk or your song with your best mate which you can’t stop dancing to when it comes on.

Music brings us the joy in all of these things, and this is where it can be found.

Find us on Twitter, Instagram and right here. We’ll be here singing along with you.

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